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imageAmbassador programe launching soon!
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About Us

Welcome to Blite

Blite efficiently improves the way students manage and organize their school life.

Our Story

As high school students, we’ve found how difficult it is to keep track of what classes you have and when homework is due. Students would usually use a combination of the timetable paper (which they always lost) and random note apps that were not built for school use. We fixed the issue for ourselves and were astonished to see just how efficient and stress-free our lives had become. Soon after, our friends started asking to use it. We got so many requests that in late February, we decided to release this to the students at our school. As the process took place, countless emails, phone calls, and attention started to pack into our lives. When Cameron, one of the founders, was on a trip to Europe - he had been brought upon to be interviewed in a relatively well-known newspaper. It was said that he’d “change the Ed-Tech industry” for the better. After a few phone calls and the newspaper interview, we knew this was going to be something big.After 3 months of work on the product, the team have managed to validate the idea, complete designs, development, and gather 30 student ambassadors onto the team — many students were intrigued by the idea and were excited to use the app for themselves.
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